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Posted by: oscar-group Posted on: Wednesday October 4th, 2017

Welcome to North Cyprus Hotels

Our group of hotels located in Kyrenia region in North Cyprus

Two five stars, two four stars and two three stars hotels

Vuni Palace Hotel, 5 star, sea front location, family friendly, casino, spa wellness, beach, restaurants, bars, swimmimg pools

Oscar Resort Hotel, 4 Star, sea front location, family friendly, casino, spa wellness, hair dresser, aqua park, wave pool, beach, a jetty.

Hotel Olive Tree, 4 Star, faily friendly, spa, restaurants, bars, outdoor swimming pool, massage treatments.

Bellapais Monastery Village, 3 Star, Villas and hotel rooms, restaurant, bar, swimming pools, massage treatments.

Oscar Park Hotel, 3 Star, Large swimmimg pool, restaurant, bars, family friendly, beach 200 mt.


TRNC Exchange

    # Alış Satış
    USD 5.34 TL 5.35 TL
    AUD 3.81 TL 3.84 TL
    DKK 0.81 TL 0.82 TL
    EUR 6.07 TL 6.08 TL
    GBP 6.85 TL 6.89 TL
    CHF 5.34 TL 5.38 TL
    SEK 0.59 TL 0.60 TL
    CAD 4.01 TL 4.03 TL
    KWD 17.49 TL 17.72 TL
    NOK 0.62 TL 0.63 TL
    SAR 1.42 TL 1.43 TL
    JPY 4.86 TL 4.89 TL

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