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Posted by: oscar-group Posted on: Friday October 13th, 2017

Train service hours

Daily train service from Hotel car park to Girne city centre 6 days a week except Sundays.
  • 10:00am from hotel car park to Girne Centre
  • 1:00pm from Hotel car park to Girne centre
  • 5:00pm from Hotel car park to Girne centre
  • No courtesy service available on Sundays. Otel'den hareket saati uyarınca lütfen aşağıdaki haritadan varış noktasını gözlemleyniz. Günlük servis misafirlerimizi bıraktığı noktadan yukarıda belirtilen saatlerde hareket eder.

    Daily Train Service

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      # Alış Satış
      USD 7.80 TL 7.81 TL
      AUD 5.74 TL 5.78 TL
      DKK 1.25 TL 1.25 TL
      EUR 9.30 TL 9.32 TL
      GBP 10.39 TL 10.45 TL
      CHF 8.58 TL 8.64 TL
      SEK 0.91 TL 0.92 TL
      CAD 5.99 TL 6.02 TL
      KWD 25.37 TL 25.70 TL
      NOK 0.88 TL 0.88 TL
      SAR 2.08 TL 2.08 TL
      JPY 7.47 TL 7.52 TL
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    Important Announcements: 05/08/2020

    In response to Covid-19, Oscar Resort Hotel is temporarily closed. According to COVID-19, we took all necessary precautions and regulations that have been done. Hotel management will announce the reopening date as soon as possible the conditions are getting new normal. (every day regularly we keep checking the new regulations  of both North & South Cyprus airport's gates the flight restrictions, quarantine conditions, etc.)

    We are trying to do our best to provide you safety accommodation for your holiday. We are all, looking forward to serving you again soon at your second sweet home.

    For the health and safety of our guests and hotel colleagues, and in line with legislation and current best practice, our hotel also operating modified or reduced services e.g. ''reduction in the restaurant and bar service, pools and beach services alternative guest room furnishings and/or amenities, QR Code digital menus of our outlets, social distance marks, and daily outdoor pools chlorine measurements, disinfection with cutting edge ozone machinery rooms, pools, kitchen, general areas, etc.'' These changes are temporary takes place and necessary for C-19 regulations amenity and service levels will be reinstated as soon as possible and in accordance with legal requirements.

    We apologize for any inconvenience caused and look forward to resuming normal operations and welcoming our guests back at the appropriate time.  We are preparing healthy areas and clean spaces for you. 

    Local Covid-19 Advice
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