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Posted by: manager Posted on: Thursday December 14th, 2017

Dear Guests,

Our guests can use free WiFi in at Lobby and Lobby lounge and rest of the areas Wifi on charge

Free WiFi in at Lobby and Lobby Terrace.
Dear our guests, you can use free wifi with 1mb quota in lobby and lobby terrace for each device.
The rest of the areas including rooms, beach, pools, garden and restaurant wifi will be chargeable.
 8 Hour wifi: 5,00 TL
 24 Hours wifi: 10,00 TL
 2 Days wifi: 15,00 TL
 4 Days wifi: 25,00 TL
 7 Days wifi: 40,00 TL
 Please get in touch with reception to obtaining a ticket for connection.



TRNC Exchange

    # Alış Satış
    USD 5.34 TL 5.35 TL
    AUD 3.87 TL 3.90 TL
    DKK 0.81 TL 0.81 TL
    EUR 6.06 TL 6.07 TL
    GBP 6.83 TL 6.86 TL
    CHF 5.29 TL 5.33 TL
    SEK 0.59 TL 0.59 TL
    CAD 4.05 TL 4.07 TL
    KWD 17.45 TL 17.68 TL
    NOK 0.63 TL 0.63 TL
    SAR 1.42 TL 1.43 TL
    JPY 4.70 TL 4.73 TL

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