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Online Booking

Oscar Booking Engine

Online Booking

Just a reminder

Both booking panels are goes directly to Oscar Resort Hotel bookings engine

Transfer arrangement

We can arrange your transfer from Airport to Hotel with taxi. We will need your flight number, landing time to airport and your flight company name for this arrangement. Please specify:
  • Landing Airport name, (LNC) Larnaca Airport, (ECN) Ercan Airport
  • Landing time to Airport
  • Flight Company name
  • Once you paid your transfer fee, we will send your taxi to meet you at airport. You will see your name on board at the arrivals gate on time. Unpaid transfers fees under guest responsiblity and may not be done by the hotel.

    Please download credit card aouthorisation form and be kind enough to fill so that you can resen your payment form to reservation@oscar-resort.com or reservation@oscarresort.com

    As long as we receive your payment form we will go ahead to make your transfer arrangement

    Booking conditions

  • A deposit of 100% of total cost is required at booking
  • Cancellation:
  • A penalty equal to 100% of total stay will be applied.
  • No-Show :
  • No-shows are subject to a penalty equal to 100% of total stay
  • Cancellation Policy

    A vaild from of payment is required to guarantee your reservation. No-Shows are subject to a 100% charge of full stay of penalty. For cancelations: 100% penalty will be applied.

    Taxes & fees are included

  • VAT (Value Added Tax) is included (will not be added to prices) It is % 15 of total cost
  • Property policies _ Terms & Conditions

    Please click to download hotel reservation terms and conditions rules

    Credit Card Authorisation

    CREDIT CARD PRE-AUTHORISATION POLICY What is a pre-authorisation? A pre-authorisation is a temporary hold of a specific amount of the available balance on a credit or debit card that is provided upon booking. The pre-authorisation is not a charge and no funds have been debited from your account. How much is a pre-authorisation? The amount that we pre-authorise will depend on the amount of nights that you stay. Why is the credit card pre-authorised? When you give us a credit card, the pre-authorisation guarantees us that the funds are available to pay for any charges incurred. Who is responsible for the pre-authorisation procedure? Should you have any queries regarding your pre-authorisation or any part of the process, they can be contacted with own bank. When does the pre-authorisation get released from the credit card? This varies dependent on your individual credit card. Upon your check out your room charge and any extras will be charged to your card, this will appear on your credit card statement within 3 working days. However if you choose to pay the balance with another credit card or choose cash, we will cancel the pre-authorisation and this can take up to 15 days to clear in your account. The hotel is NOT charging your credit card. A pre-authorisation is a security guarantee for payment only. The pre-authorisation fund is not held by the hotel, the company who provide the credit card system or by the authorising bank. The pre-authorisation fund is held on your card by your own issuing bank. A pre-authorisation can be held on your card for a minimum of 10 to 15 working days. Pre-authorisation should be released by your issuing bank automatically, if not you will need to contact your home issuing bank. ***Please note that the hotel reserves the right to pre-authorize your credit card 24 hours prior to arrival. Non-valid credit cards will result in automatic cancellation of the reservation.
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      Reseliva Booking Engine

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    Important Announcements: 05/08/2020

    In response to Covid-19, Oscar Resort Hotel is temporarily closed. According to COVID-19, we took all necessary precautions and regulations that have been done. Hotel management will announce the reopening date as soon as possible the conditions are getting new normal. (every day regularly we keep checking the new regulations  of both North & South Cyprus airport's gates the flight restrictions, quarantine conditions, etc.)

    We are trying to do our best to provide you safety accommodation for your holiday. We are all, looking forward to serving you again soon at your second sweet home.

    For the health and safety of our guests and hotel colleagues, and in line with legislation and current best practice, our hotel also operating modified or reduced services e.g. ''reduction in the restaurant and bar service, pools and beach services alternative guest room furnishings and/or amenities, QR Code digital menus of our outlets, social distance marks, and daily outdoor pools chlorine measurements, disinfection with cutting edge ozone machinery rooms, pools, kitchen, general areas, etc.'' These changes are temporary takes place and necessary for C-19 regulations amenity and service levels will be reinstated as soon as possible and in accordance with legal requirements.

    We apologize for any inconvenience caused and look forward to resuming normal operations and welcoming our guests back at the appropriate time.  We are preparing healthy areas and clean spaces for you. 

    Local Covid-19 Advice
    Call us

    (en) Dear Guests
    Our hotel is closed and not open yet however, a certain opening date will be announced as long as flights start.
    All maintenance and cleanleanes, hygiene conditions related to "COVID 19" have been fulfilled and our hotel certificated by the local health department of govenment. We believe that the conditions improve within the period until June 2021, our hotel been keept ready to open again However if uncertainties persist than we will continue to postpone the opening

    (de) lieben Gäste
    Unser Hotel ist geschlossen und noch nicht geöffnet. Ein bestimmter Eröffnungstermin wird jedoch bekannt gegeben, solange der Flug beginnt.Alle Wartungs- und Reinigungsarbeiten sowie Hygienebedingungen im Zusammenhang mit "COVID 19" wurden erfüllt und unser Hotel vom örtlichen Gesundheitsamt zertifiziert. Wir glauben, dass sich die Bedingungen innerhalb des Zeitraums bis Juni 2021 verbessern. Unser Hotel war bereit, wieder zu eröffnen. Wenn jedoch weiterhin Unsicherheiten bestehen, werden wir die Eröffnung weiter verschieben

    (tr) Değerli Misafirlerimiz

    Otelimiz kapalıdır ve henüz açılmamıştır ancak uçuşlar başladıkça belli bir açılış tarihi ilan edilecektir.
    "COVID 19" ile ilgili tüm bakım ve temizlik, hijyen koşulları yerine getirilmiş ve otelimiz yerel sağlık departmanı tarafından sertifikalandırılmıştır. Haziran 2021'e kadarki dönemde koşulların düzeleceğine inanıyoruz, otelimiz tekrar açılmaya hazırdır ancak belirsizlikler devam ederse açılışı ertelemeye devam edeceğiz.


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