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Posted by: manager Posted on: Saturday July 22nd, 2017

  • City/Region:Kyrenia
  • District:Girne
  • Postal Code: 99300
  • Address: Hasan Esat Işık Sok. No:16 Girne, KKTC
  • Tourist Region/District:Kyrenia distric
  • kyrenia distric - Hasan Esat Işık Sok. No:16 Girne, 99300, Kyrenia/Cyprus
  • Phone Number 1: 0090 392 8154801
  • Phone Number 2: 0090 392 8151732
  • Phone Number 3: 0090 548 8583000
  • Contact e-mail reservation@oscar-resort.com
  • Web Address http://www.oscar-resort.com
  • Fax Number 1: 0090 392 8153980
  • Fax Number 2: 0090 392 8150179
  • Hotel

    Welcome to Oscar Resort Hotel, North Cyprus Kyrenia,

    Oscar Resort is a conventional Holiday Resort in North Cyprus - Kyrenia region, with a scenic locality along with an uninterrupted Mediterranean Climate. Its also possible to find many tourist attractions with historic riches ranging from medieval castles, engaging museums and Kyrenia’s famous harbour.

    The harbour, which is exceedingly adjacent with our hotel overflows with numerous restaurants, bars, cafes and shopping venues.

    Oscar Resort Hotel is situated to the east of Kyrenia's new harbour, with only a 20–25 minutes walking distance from the city centre (which is about 1.5 km). Even though the hotel is at a walking distance to the town centre, we provide transportation facilities at all times. Examples of these include Courtesy Shuttle train service which runs three times a day during the week and Saturday. (Departure Times:10 AM - 1 PM/5 PM) Furthermore, the Hotel taxies are available 24 hours a day at the driveway of the Hotel.


    Our hotel offers various types of accommodation that suits everyone's needs by offering you not only classic main hotel rooms ( which include 8 Junior Suites and 3 King Suites - spacious and elegantly furnished ) but sea view gallery rooms and poolside luxury rooms.

    • All rooms balconies with preferred mountain/sea/harbour views to choose from.
    • All suites incorporate a shower, separate bathrooms, separate lounge and dining areas with large LCD satellite Tv. In addition to this, the king suites are adapted to accommodate families with interconnected bedrooms.
    • Standard hotel rooms come with en suite bathrooms and other simple but crucial facilities like minibars, satellite TV, AC units, safety deposit boxes etc.


    • Aqua Park, Wave Pool, Large Freshwater Pool and an indoor cold plunge pool along with a sandy beach.
    • Spa and Wellness Centre with various features.
    • Natural gardens filled with traditional fruit trees/greenery where you can spend time and help yourself with the goods.
    • A pool bar , Aqua Park Bar and the common restaurant available.
    • Roman Style Amphitheatre, Kids Club and Animation Team along with tennis court , table tennis , water polo, water aerobics, beach bowls and darts.


    Oscar Resort Hotel Private Beach

    The hotel provides a serene beach with facilities such as sun loungers and a bar.

    What makes the venue so exceptional is it’s seclusion and the 30 metres of golden sand that surrounds its crystalline waters.

    Attention: Although the beach security is monitored by a lifeguard, the children under the age of 12 should be supervised at all times by adults/guardians whilst at the beach and in water. Furthermore all outdoor provisions are closed during the winter months.

    Other Options

    Alagadi Beach

    The famous venue referred to as the “turtle beach” is located approximately 10 miles east of Kyrenia and is one of the foremost attractions of Cyprus. Alagadi Beach is especially appealing for those who are willing to see the turtles hatch from their eggs as its the astonishing event the beach is named after.

    Kyrenia Castle

    This is again one of the most famous historic attraction of Kyrenia and its appealing for hotel customers due to the fact that it's in the neighbourhood of the hotel. This castle dates back to the 7th Century and provides many artefacts from the times.

    The Old Harbour

    During the day the Kyrenia Harbour is the ideal address to shop, discover the traditions and culture of the island whilst being accompanied by the view of the sea, eat and drink. It's possible to take boat tours Kyrenia harbour is also framed by Kyrenia Castle and as the sun sets on this sleepy harbour you will be amazed by the buzz and excitement that develops within the area as the bars and taverns come alive. So basically the Kyrenia Harbour enables entertainment both day and night.

    Side Note For Tourists:
    If you are someone who admires Golf we are pleased to inform you that the Korinium Esentepe Golf and Country Club has just opened and this 18 holes international course is one of a kind in Cyprus as its the earliest establishment of its kind. This development is known for attracting golf lovers from all around the globe.

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    Important Announcements: 05/08/2020

    In response to Covid-19, Oscar Resort Hotel is temporarily closed. According to COVID-19, we took all necessary precautions and regulations that have been done. Hotel management will announce the reopening date as soon as possible the conditions are getting new normal. (every day regularly we keep checking the new regulations  of both North & South Cyprus airport's gates the flight restrictions, quarantine conditions, etc.)

    We are trying to do our best to provide you safety accommodation for your holiday. We are all, looking forward to serving you again soon at your second sweet home.

    For the health and safety of our guests and hotel colleagues, and in line with legislation and current best practice, our hotel also operating modified or reduced services e.g. ''reduction in the restaurant and bar service, pools and beach services alternative guest room furnishings and/or amenities, QR Code digital menus of our outlets, social distance marks, and daily outdoor pools chlorine measurements, disinfection with cutting edge ozone machinery rooms, pools, kitchen, general areas, etc.'' These changes are temporary takes place and necessary for C-19 regulations amenity and service levels will be reinstated as soon as possible and in accordance with legal requirements.

    We apologize for any inconvenience caused and look forward to resuming normal operations and welcoming our guests back at the appropriate time.  We are preparing healthy areas and clean spaces for you. 

    Local Covid-19 Advice
    Call us

    (en) Dear Guests
    Our hotel is closed and not open yet however, a certain opening date will be announced as long as flights start.
    All maintenance and cleanleanes, hygiene conditions related to "COVID 19" have been fulfilled and our hotel certificated by the local health department of govenment. We believe that the conditions improve within the period until June 2021, our hotel been keept ready to open again However if uncertainties persist than we will continue to postpone the opening

    (de) lieben Gäste
    Unser Hotel ist geschlossen und noch nicht geöffnet. Ein bestimmter Eröffnungstermin wird jedoch bekannt gegeben, solange der Flug beginnt.Alle Wartungs- und Reinigungsarbeiten sowie Hygienebedingungen im Zusammenhang mit "COVID 19" wurden erfüllt und unser Hotel vom örtlichen Gesundheitsamt zertifiziert. Wir glauben, dass sich die Bedingungen innerhalb des Zeitraums bis Juni 2021 verbessern. Unser Hotel war bereit, wieder zu eröffnen. Wenn jedoch weiterhin Unsicherheiten bestehen, werden wir die Eröffnung weiter verschieben

    (tr) Değerli Misafirlerimiz

    Otelimiz kapalıdır ve henüz açılmamıştır ancak uçuşlar başladıkça belli bir açılış tarihi ilan edilecektir.
    "COVID 19" ile ilgili tüm bakım ve temizlik, hijyen koşulları yerine getirilmiş ve otelimiz yerel sağlık departmanı tarafından sertifikalandırılmıştır. Haziran 2021'e kadarki dönemde koşulların düzeleceğine inanıyoruz, otelimiz tekrar açılmaya hazırdır ancak belirsizlikler devam ederse açılışı ertelemeye devam edeceğiz.


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