Covid-19 Information

TRNC citizens will be able to enter the country for the last 72 hours and with a negative PCR test result and 14 days of quarantine upon entering the island.


Negative PCR result for the last 72 hours before the trip. Quarantine-free login


Negative PCR result for the last 72 hours before the trip + 5 days quarantine. 

Measures We Take at Our Facilities Against Corona Virus (COVID-19) Our Flexible Reservation Policy

Information on Covid-19 (Corona Virus) Precautions

Since the first days of the Corona virus epidemic, our priority has been the health of our guests and team. In the first days of the epidemic, we strengthened our cleaning and hygiene routine in line with our emergency action plan. We protected the health of our team and their relatives, strengthened our internal communication, and provided regular information to all our stakeholders by following international publications. We continued to communicate with our guests through digital platforms. Then, we took a temporary break from our services in our hotels, saying human health first. During the time we were apart from you, we formed a Hygiene and Health Board consisting of different experts. In addition to the measures-changes determined in the legal legislation, under the consultancy of our Board, we have implemented many additional Covid-19 hygiene steps on our own initiative.

Legal Procedures and Authority

Recommendations At the very beginning of the pandemic process, we established a Hygiene Committee in our hotels, which includes the general manager and all department managers. This committee ensures that all necessary measures are implemented in an up-to-date manner by constantly following the official instructions and recommendations published by the World Health Organization, the TRNC Supreme Council of Health and the Ministry of Tourism, and the opinions of the relevant official and expert authorities.

Isolation Protocol

In accordance with the criteria of the TRNC Ministry of Tourism Safe Tourism Certificate, if our guests are detected as sick, symptomatic or suspicious during their stay in our hotel, they can continue their stay in the isolation room, provided that they accept the following conditions. *If, for any reason, the guest and/or people from the same family or staying in the same room are diagnosed with Covid-19 during the stay; These guests will stay in the isolation room determined by the hotel, will not go out of the room, and will not accept visitors from outside. *People who are from the same family or stay in the same room with the guest (contact) diagnosed with Covid-19 will also spend their stay in the isolation rooms, and if any, their parents/guardians will spend their stay in the isolation rooms and it will be their responsibility not to leave the isolation rooms. *Food and beverage service and room cleaning service will be provided to guests diagnosed with Covid-19 and/or people from the same family or staying in the same room together, without leaving the isolation rooms, during the period specified in the accommodation contract. *In case of being taken to the isolation room due to the diagnosis of Covid-19, the terms of the accommodation contract concluded with the guest may be extended; The isolation rooms to be provided in addition to the accommodation contract will therefore be subject to additional charges.

External Audit

Independent inspections of Food Check, Hygienic Room Inspection, Hygienic Spa, Legionella and Water Safety programs, which are always carried out unannounced at regular intervals by the Ministry of Health and/or the hygiene institution with which we are contracted, in accordance with the relevant quality standards and legal requirements, The Safe Hotel Program (Epidemic disease risk management control program) created was also added.

Regular Tests and Checks

*We continue to keep all food product samples offered in restaurants daily in witness sample cabinets for necessary analysis. We take daily water samples from our pools and carry out all necessary tests and controls and continue to record them. *Swap and media petri dishes taken unannounced during regular inspections by our personnel for the scientific control of the hygiene measures applied are analyzed and reported by an independent laboratory.

Our Disinfection Applications

*At the beginning of the process in our hotels, all areas were disinfected with hydrogen peroxide silver-based material by an accredited company using a ULV device, and this practice continues regularly. * Apart from this, special teams have been established within our hotels to only disinfect. This specially equipped team disinfects the relevant areas with hydrogen peroxide on a daily basis.

Our Practices

Regarding Our Employees Health checks of all our employees are carried out regularly within the framework of official rules. The rules and recommendations of all relevant official institutions, especially the Ministry of Health, regarding Covid-19 have been added to our hygiene training programs that we are currently implementing. K.K.T.C. According to the decisions of the Ministry of Health and relevant official authorities, all our employees use masks and related protective equipment. There are enough disinfection units in the staff common areas and these areas have been rearranged according to the social distance rules.

Check-in and Check-out Procedures of Our Guests

During the check-in to our hotel and during their stay, our guests will be sent to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. The protocols specified by the Ministry of Health are applied; Our guests showing the related symptoms are directed to health institutions by taking the necessary precautions. Our guests are asked to park their vehicles themselves, upon the direction of the person in charge, when they enter the hotel. Social distancing measures have been taken and physical conditions have been rearranged accordingly in order to avoid congestion during the entrance and exit procedures to our hotels. Our guests are asked to fill out a form containing the questions requested by the TRNC Ministry of Tourism at check-in; Written information is given about the precautions and practices taken at the hotel. All devices and materials used by our guests in their check-in and check-out processes are disinfected after each use. During the entrance to the hotel, the suitcases are safely delivered in front of the room doors of our guests within the framework of the necessary hygiene rules. When checking out from the hotel, the suitcases are taken from the room door and left in the guests' vehicles.


General Areas and Meeting Areas

In all our hotels, we work with a company that is internationally known for chemical cleaning products. With the detailed training given to all our personnel at regular intervals by the company, a correct cleaning process is carried out by using the appropriate cleaning agent for each area. The seating arrangement in all general areas and meeting rooms has been rearranged according to social distance. Our meeting room is for 600 people and according to the Covid-19 rules, we can accommodate a maximum of 200 people. A sufficient number of photocell disinfectant apparatuses have been placed in all general areas and at the entrances of the meeting rooms. The disinfection process is completed with hydrogen peroxide application by the special disinfection unit after the routine cleaning of the common areas and meeting rooms, which we take great care in cleaning as always. Technical equipment (microphone, telephone, monitor, etc.) in the meeting rooms are disinfected before new use. The capacity utilization of our elevators has been limited to a maximum of "4 people" at the same time, and necessary markings have been made. The playgrounds and activity areas in closed areas in our hotels are temporarily out of service.

Guest Rooms

In addition to the cleaning carried out according to the hygiene standards in all guest rooms, maximum hygiene is ensured by disinfecting with hydrogen peroxide application after cleaning. The staff working in the room cleaning will use new gloves, masks and cleaning cloths during the cleaning of each room, and change their personal hygiene equipment before moving on to the next room cleaning. Filters of air conditioners that are regularly maintained are disinfected with hydrogen peroxide. The materials and equipment to be used by the guests in the room are also disinfected before each use, apart from general cleaning.

Food and Beverage Services

The seating arrangement in the restaurants has been rearranged according to the social distance rules and the necessary markings have been made. In cases where it is necessary to reduce the density, the service hours are divided into time zones according to the guests. When the buffet is set up, our kitchen staff serve each guest the desired food from the buffet. Tables and chairs are disinfected after each guest. Salt, pepper, toothpicks, sugar varieties and sauces are arranged to be disposable. Forks, knives and spoons are specially packed for the guests after they are washed with detergents at the required temperature.

Open buffet service at the Oscar Resort hotel has been rearranged in such a way that the meals will be served by the hotel staff, 
taking into account the necessary hygiene and social distance rules and the rules of the TRNC Ministry of Health.


SPA, Swimming pools and Beach

Seating groups and sun loungers in all areas are arranged according to social distance. Sunbeds are regularly disinfected during the day and are kept ready for use in a sterile condition. We continue to ensure that the disinfectant rates of the pools, which we always attach importance to, are at legal standards.

The areas in our Spa Wellness center located in our hotel will continue to serve with certain capacities by taking all necessary precautions for the health of our guests.

During massage and care services, our guests are asked to wear masks.

Kids Club And Animation

All areas that children will use are cleaned in detail and disinfected with hydrogen peroxide.

Necessary controls are provided for the protection of social distance rules.

Sales Locations

It is regularly cleaned and disinfected to a high standard. Sales places are arranged according to social distance rules.

In these areas, it is ensured that only people traveling together at the same time. At this time, no new guests are allowed inside.

* Wearing a mask is mandatory at the hotel.

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We wish you healthy days

We restarted on the date of September 1st 2021

The Documents which you showed at the airport is valid at the time of Hotel check-in:
Double dose vaccine, at least 14 days after second dose
"Negative PCR or Antigen Test" result 72 hours before arrival
ID or Passport

- “ADAPASS” of TRNC citizens
- "HES Code" of Turkish citizens
- "GREENPASS" for EU citizens
- "NHS QR Code Document" for UK citizens.
The attached documents will be checked upon entry and during C/in, so people must bring them with them.

The hotel management announced that the reopening date will be September 1, 2021 "Main Hotel building: Sea / Land view rooms will be operated.


Dear our guests,

We use an APP that can be used with QR Code (Speed ​​Reader Code)

Please download the specified app to your mobile device and use it safely at Airport and Hotel Reception for C/in.

Download Ada-Pass App (App Store and/or Play Store)
Fill in the country entry application form (Fill in the country entry form in Ada-pass)
Track Your Application (Follow the application you created and wait for approval)
Entering the Country (You can enter with the approval you have received)

C/in to the hotel:

At the time of C/in, we will ask you the same formalities as you were at the airport.
Vaccine QR Code & or 72 Horus Negative PCR Test result will be required during C/in.
Please be attention for the mask and social distance are nesessary during your stay at the hotel. At the entrance of the lobby, temperature control is carried out with a Thermal Camera.

Local Covid-19 Advice
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Dear Guests, New

We are pleased to announce that Oscar Resort Hotel New Year event on the date of 31st December 2021

Live Music band, Oriental Show,

We are all looking forward to serve you and enjoy the new year event at Oscar Resort Hotel.

Non residents who will attend from outside are required to bring a negative antigen test result.

To prevent the spread of COVID-19: