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Posted by: oscar-group Posted on: Sunday October 15th, 2017

Transfer Arrangement

Dear Guests,
We can arrange your transfer from Ercan Airport (ECN) or Larnaca Airport (LNC) to Oscar Resort Hotel.

Please inform us your:

  • Fliht Number,
  • Airplane Company Name,
  • Landing time to Airport
  • Please download down below credit card authorisation form and be kind enough fo fill.
  • Once you re-send back your payment form to (E-mail). reservation@oscar-resort.com
    We will confirm your payment and we will arrange your transfer.
  • You will see your name on board at arrivals gate on time on your arrival date.

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7/24 Transfer available

Please inform us: Flight Number and Landing Time

7/24 Transfer available

Please inform us: Flight Number and Landing Time

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oscar resort train

Posted by: oscar-group Posted on: Friday October 13th, 2017

Train service hours

Daily train service from Hotel car park to Girne city centre 6 days a week except Sundays.
  • 10:00am from hotel car park to Girne Centre
  • 1:00pm from Hotel car park to Girne centre
  • 5:00pm from Hotel car park to Girne centre
  • No courtesy service available on Sundays. Otel'den hareket saati uyarınca lütfen aşağıdaki haritadan varış noktasını gözlemleyniz. Günlük servis misafirlerimizi bıraktığı noktadan yukarıda belirtilen saatlerde hareket eder.

    Daily Train Service

    oscar spa hammam sauna

    Posted by: oscar-group Posted on: Sunday October 1st, 2017

    At the end of the week, you can take the whole week’s fatigue with Lipsos Spa Da, a 60-minute Anti Stress massage.

    If you are struggling to get up every morning from the morning, if you resist to get out of the way, leave your busy canteen and enjoy 5-star comfort!
    Lipsos Spa Massage Options: Anti-Stress Massage, Aromatherapy Massage, Swedish Massage, Sport Massage, Reflexology, Bali Massage.
    With massage, one of the easiest ways to reach health and stay healthy, you will get rid of your backache and tiredness!
    After a delightful massage by the experts, you will relax in the Turkish Bath, get rid of all your troubles!
    It is a wonderful opportunity to save you from stricken, boredom, soul and body fatigue, even from your aches!
    For comfort and calmness, do not miss this deal of Lipsos Spa Cyprus, catch it now!


    Posted by: oscar-group Posted on: Thursday September 15th, 2016

    All outdoor facilities including Aqua Park closed during in winter

    Dear Guests, All our outdoor activities are available bwetween April - October (seasonally) and usable depending on weather conditions. Please check aqua water slides working hours on information board where the towel station located. Water slides working hours may change according to wheather conditions.

    Pool Rules


    Our goal is to create an aquatic environment that is both fun and safe for you and your family.In instigating the following rules and regulations we are asking for your help and cooperation.

    • Our activity & non activity pools, operation time schedules are on the information board.
    • Please do not use the pools whilst they are being cleaned.
    • Please no not wear shoes and shirts at any time whilst you swim in the pool.
    • Remember that the chemicals can affect your clothes and hair colorants.
    • The hotel does not take any responsibility for affected materials. 
    • On the day of your departure, all pool towels must be returned to the towel exchange point
    • The towel card must be returned to reception in order to refund your deposit. 
    • Please do not use the pools after 18:00 as cleaning will commence at this time.  

     Hotel Policy:

    • Wave Pool & other activated & non activated pool facilities are available to registered hotel guests only.
    • Unregistered guests will not have access to the pool areas. Visitors from outside of the hotel should register at reception. 
    • Customers visitors who come from outside should remain in the meeting area which is the Hotel Lobby.  
    • No one is allowed to swim without appropriate swimming attire.
    • Please do not swim at any time if the pools are being cleaned.
    • Please confirm with the pool attendant that the pools are safe for use before 9:00 am in the morning.
    • If at all possible, please note that any guest who has health problems, must be inform reception on the day of arrival or prior to using the pools. Hotel management will not accept any responsibility for any accidents and or injuries incurred as a result of failure to adhere to these rules.

    Pool Rules:

    • No Balls of any kind allowed in the pool area.
    • All children under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult (19 or older) when using all pool facilities; an adult MUST remain inside the pool area at ALL times. A minimum of 1 adult must supervise every 5 children.
    • Air Beds or any inflatable devices, other than water wings and sewn-in bathing suit rings, are not permitted under any circumstances in the pool.
    • No food of any sort allowed in the pool at anytime.
    • Glass containers are not permitted in the pool area at any time.
    • No running, jumping, diving, shoulder play or body throwing is allowed in and around our facilities at any time.
    • Do not run around the Pool area as the surface may become slippery when wet.

     Thank you for your co-operation & kind understanding.



    Posted by: oscar-group Posted on: Tuesday April 26th, 2016

    Are you ready for hot summer and warm winter in North Cyprus?

    It is holiday, have you choose your destination? If no please visit our website.
    All our outside pools are ready, aqua pool, wave pool, beach and Pool bar, Soft animations and Free Wifi in at Lobby Lounge. Courtesy train service runs 6 days during in week except Sundays.
    For winter holidays we offer our spa wellness, Turkish Bath Hammam, Casino, night entertainment and more… Open buffet breakfast and open buffet dinner available. Visit Cyprus Visit Kyrenia…




    Posted by: oscar-group Posted on: Wednesday March 30th, 2016

    Oscar Resort Hotel's Casino renewed.  The Skull King casino open and welcomes you to North Cyprus.
    Brand new design, new faces, brand new machinery games and new live games with in luxury lounge and more entertainment for your enjoyment. We are looking forward to welcoming you to Casino Skull King.
    Past events;

    06-08-2016 Şevval Sam Concert Cyprus Oscar Resort Hotel #ŞevvalSam #Konser #Kıbrıs #Girne @oscarresort
    20-08-2016 Urfa Sıra Gecesi
    27-08-2016 Berdan Mardini Concert
    13-09-2016 Rober Hatemo Concert
    15-09-2016 Ferhat Göçer Concert
    22-10-2016 izzet Yıldizhan Concert
    19-11-2016 Fatih Ürek Concert
    31-12-2016 Mustafa Ceceli Concert

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