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All types of rooms are suitable for families, singles, couples

Spa Wellness

Turkish bath (hammam), steam bath, sauna, massage treatments


free internet in whole complex, lobby lounge and on terrace.

Free Shuttle

Except Sunday, three times a day. The train service runs; 10:00 - 13:00 and 17:00

food & beverage

Open Buffet Breakfast (7am - 10am) & Dinner (7pm - 9pm).


Three outdoor swimming pools, one with water slides

Oscar Group Hotels
oscar_resort external view oscar_resort large pool oscar_resort Aqua Park oscar_resort Water Slides oscar_resort pool oscar_resort water lides indoor cold plunch pool MASSAGE-2 MASSAGE-3 OUTDOOR-POOL WAVE-POOL-3 aqua park aqua park aqua park aqua park aqua park main building large pool large pool lobby lounge lobby lounge beach large pool main building tennis court hotel-land-view-room-2 hotel-sea-view-rooms-6 hotel-sea-view-rooms-7 play ground garden garden garden garden beach teh wave pool oscarresort-anphy-teather oscarresort-aqua-1 oscarresort-aqua-park-4 oscarresort-garden-9 oscarresort-villas-3 oscarresort-wabe-poo oscarresort-wave-pool-2 HOTEL-SUITE-4 HOTEL-SUITE indoor-pool-8-Kopya KING-SUITE-ROOMS-3 KING-SUITE-ROOMS-5 OSCAR-BALO-SALON turkish-hamam-7 Oscar-Resort-Hotel-Poolside-Rooms 20150211_164505 jetty-copy PINK-COURT-WAVE-POOL-5 turkish-hamam 20160609_094042 1_20161024_110112 1_20161024_110338 20161024_110436 20161027_110557 20161027_110738 20161027_110842 1_20161029_102732 1_20161029_102941 20170124_134728 20190508_111441 20190508_111450 20190508_111516 20190508_111523 20190814_121416 20190814_121651 20190814_121827 20190820_132431 20190820_132518 20190823_163750 hotel-dbl-bed-room hotel-sea-view-rooms-4 hotel-twin-bed-room-8 hotel-twin-bedroom-8 hotel-twin-tooms 1_HPG_11560 1_Lobby-9 Lobby-13 lobby lounge meeting wedding seminars conference Oscar Resort Lipsos spa wellness oscar resort hotel 7/24 lobby, lobby bar and lounge oscar resort hotel 7/24 lobby lounge Spa Wellness oscarresorthotel oscar resort hotel large pool oscar resort hotel facilities Oscar Resort Hotel casino meeting conferance and ball hall Oscar resort hotel terrace www.oscar-resort.com 20190814_1218367624050561725846433 DCIM100MEDIADJI_0410.JPG AQUA-POOL-5 MASSAGE-3 20160413_121209-Copy 20160413_121209

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