Covid-19 Hotel C/in Procedure


The criteria for non-island entry into the country will be as follows. The country colors specified in the criteria will be updated every week.

Kosovo, North Macedonia and Greece have changed their country colors in the current table below. The entry criteria for the color codes of the specified countries will be applied as of 23.08.2021. 1


People who have traveled to these countries in the last 14 days are prohibited from entering the country. TRNC citizens will be able to enter the country for the last 72 hours and with a negative PCR test result and 14 days of quarantine upon entering the island.

Persons coming from Dark Red Countries who will present a student certificate to be notified by the Ministry of National Education and Culture or who will enroll new students will be able to enter the country provided that they stay in central quarantine for 14 days.

Employees who already have a work permit and request to come to our country will be able to enter the country provided that they stay in quarantine for 14 days.



Negative PCR result for the last 72 hours before the trip. 5 Day Quarantine Note:

Vaccinated persons coming from England (United Kingdom) will be able to enter the country without quarantine until 31.08.2021. Re-evaluation will be made on the specified date.


Negative PCR result for the last 72 hours before the trip. 7 days quarantine Covid-19 tests will be applied at all entrance gates, regardless of whether people coming from these countries are vaccinated.



Negative PCR result for the last 72 hours before the trip. Quarantine-free login


Negative PCR result for the last 72 hours before the trip. 5 days quarantine. Covid-19 tests will be applied at all entrance gates of people who will come from these countries, only those who are unvaccinated.



No restrictions.


Negative PCR result for the last 72 hours before the trip. Quarantine-Free Login.

People coming from these countries will not be tested for Covid-19 at the gates.


Regardless of whether they are vaccinated, they will be able to enter the country with a negative PCR result for the last 72 hours and a 14-day quarantine condition before the trip.


Completed the vaccination program. From 14 days after the last dose.

  • COMIRNATY (Pfizer/Biontech): 2 DOSES
  • VAXZEVRIA (Astrazeneca/Oxford): 2 DOSES
  • COVID-19 Vaccine Janssen / Johnson and Johnson: 1 DOSAGE

Persons will be considered as vaccinated if they receive two different doses of the above-mentioned vaccines.

Persons who have had Covid-19 disease and 6 months have passed will be considered as vaccinated if they have 1 dose of vaccination.

Person who has had the disease: Submitting a positive PCR test result between 30-180 days before travel.

These people will be considered within the scope of the vaccinated person.

Children under the age of 18 will be able to enter the country with their parents who have been vaccinated and have had the disease in the above definition, in accordance with the PCR test rules (children over 6 years old) according to the country category they came from.

Passengers will be evaluated according to the country in the highest risk group among the countries they have set foot/ been in in the last 10 days.


Level 1: No tests, no restrictions (0-74/100000 people in total in 14 days)

Level 2: Negative Antigen or PCR test every 7 days (total 75-499/100000 people in 14 days)

Level 3: Dual vaccinated persons with Sinovac, Sinopharm or Sputnik vaccines as well as EMA approved vaccines (1st dose if Johnson & Johnson) can pass with a 7-day negative rapid antigen test or PCR test 14 days after their last dose of vaccine.

"Unvaccinated persons can pass with a 72-hour negative rapid antigen test or PCR test (including unvaccinated workers and healthcare passers-by).

*People requesting to come to our country from Orange-Green Color Category Countries via Southern Cyprus will be processed according to the country entry criteria specified in “1 B” above.

However, people coming from Orange-Green Color Category countries and staying in Southern Cyprus for more than 10 days will be processed within the scope of Intra-Island Border Crossings rules if they request to cross into our country.

* Persons who come to Southern Cyprus will have the inner-island border crossing rule, except for the dark red and gray countries, if they are in Southern Cyprus for 10 days.

* In touristic tours to be organized by bus from Southern Cyprus to our country, unvaccinated tourists coming from the orange and yellow countries must have negative antigen tests done in the last 24 hours or the last 72 hours.

AdaPass Application

AdaPass Code T.R.N.C.' It is also a digital printout of the vaccine you have had.

When you enter and exit businesses with the AdaPass code, this code will be displayed and you will declare that you have been vaccinated.

Therefore please download the application in to your device and use your QR Code details and be in safe. 

Residing in the T.R.N.C or the entering in to T.R.N.C All individuals who will enter the country must obtain an AdaPass Code "if vaccinated".

Please download the App. (Store or Play Store) in to your device.


We wish you healthy days

We restarted on the date of September 1st 2021

The Documents which you showed at the airport is valid at the time of Hotel check-in:
Double dose vaccine, at least 14 days after second dose
"Negative PCR or Antigen Test" result 72 hours before arrival
ID or Passport

- “ADAPASS” of TRNC citizens
- "HES Code" of Turkish citizens
- "GREENPASS" for EU citizens
- "NHS QR Code Document" for UK citizens.
The attached documents will be checked upon entry and during C/in, so people must bring them with them.

The hotel management announced that the reopening date will be September 1, 2021 "Main Hotel building: Sea / Land view rooms will be operated.


Dear our guests,

We use an APP that can be used with QR Code (Speed ​​Reader Code)

Please download the specified app to your mobile device and use it safely at Airport and Hotel Reception for C/in.

Download Ada-Pass App (App Store and/or Play Store)
Fill in the country entry application form (Fill in the country entry form in Ada-pass)
Track Your Application (Follow the application you created and wait for approval)
Entering the Country (You can enter with the approval you have received)

C/in to the hotel:

At the time of C/in, we will ask you the same formalities as you were at the airport.
Vaccine QR Code & or 72 Horus Negative PCR Test result will be required during C/in.
Please be attention for the mask and social distance are nesessary during your stay at the hotel. At the entrance of the lobby, temperature control is carried out with a Thermal Camera.

Local Covid-19 Advice
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